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J.Luzhkov in the fifth time became the mayor of Moscow

Yury Luzhkov in the fifth time officially has entered a post of the mayor of Moscow. During solemn ceremony of inauguration which has passed in the White hall of the government of capital, J.Luzhkov has taken the oath.
the official sign on the mayor of Moscow to J.Luzhkov was handed over by the chairman of the Moscow municipal duma Vladimir Platonov. At ceremony there was a president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who has informed that J.Luzhkov`s election on a post of the mayor of capital in Moscow City Council was not formal action.
I observed of how there passed procedure of election of J.Luzhkov in Moscow City Council. I will notice that it was not formal action. Yury Mihajlovich answered very considerable quantity of questions, and at times to it was uneasy on them to answer - the president has told. According to V.Putin, it was visible that J.Luzhkov prepared, and deputies, in turn, have approached to procedure of election of the mayor with all responsibility.
the President of the Russian Federation also has noticed that doubling of a total regional product (VRP) will occur in Moscow in the nearest future. it is the taken place fact, and in it the big merit of a command of J.Luzhkov - the president has told. He has informed that the result of work of J.Luzhkov is the defining factor for its appointment to new term. V.Putin has underlined that during all previous years annual growth of economy of Moscow made 10 %.
In turn the mayor of Moscow J.Luzhkov has expressed gratitude to the head of the state and the Moscow municipal duma for trust and support, naming a main objective of the work creation the social world and international mutual understanding in a city. Muscovites have achieved all successes of capital. I am grateful to them for work. Together with Moscow City Council we adjust economic and social activity - the capital town governor has underlined.
according to JU. Luzhkov, he considers as the primary goal of the Moscow authorities liquidation in the near future children`s homelessness. it is necessary to return also in a science of the citizens who have left it, to revive schools of thought and to create the innovative centres. Our future depends on it already in the nearest 15 - 20 years - the mayor of capital has noted. our major principles - to feel a city and to hear people - J.Luzhkov has concluded.
we will remind, the president of the Russian Federation V.Putin on June, 22nd 2007. Has presented to the Moscow municipal duma J.Luzhkov`s nominee for investment with its powers of the mayor of Moscow for new term. Earlier V.Putin has declared that to J.Luzhkov still it is necessary to solve many problems in capital . Speech, in particular, goes about maintenance of Muscovites with habitation and a solution of a problem of the deceived investors.
J.Luzhkov`s powers on a post of the mayor should end in December 2007. He heads capital administration 15 years. For the first time JU. Luzhkov has been appointed by the mayor of Moscow the decree of the president of the Russian Federation on June, 6th 1992. After resignation of previous town governor Gabriel Popova. In June 1996. J.Luzhkov has won elections of the mayor of capital, having typed about 95 % of voices of Muscovites. After that he still won elections - in December 1999 twice. And in December 2003. Present term, on which J.Luzhkov is confirmed after cancellation of governor`s elections in Russia, becomes its to the fifth for a period of a post of the mayor of capital.
J.Luzhkov was born in Moscow on September, 21st 1936., has ended the Moscow oil institute of I. M.Gubkin in 1958. In 1975. Has been selected by the deputy Babushkinsky regional c. With 1977 on 1990. - the deputy of the Moscow Council, and with 1978 on 1990. - the deputy Supreme c RSFSR. In 1987. Became the vice-president of the Moscow Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies and has headed the city commission on co-operative and individual labour activity. Then has been appointed by the chairman of the Moscow agroindustrial committee, and in April 1990. It is selected by the chairman of the Moscow Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies. In June 1991. J.Luzhkov became vitse - the mayor and the head of the Moscow government. Since June 1992. Holds a post of the mayor of capital.