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The USA secretly liquidated S.Hussein`s nuclear program

the United States liquidated last elements of the nuclear program of Iraq of times of board of Saddam Hussein. On July, 5th in the Canadian port the impressive party of the Iraq concentrated uranium which Bagdad when - that intended to transform into the enriched nuclear fuel has been delivered.
the transportation in a safe place 550 t the Iraq uranium became the major stage of confidential operation of the USA directed on closing the nuclear file S.Hussein.
this operation lasted three months, and at the closing stages the American and Iraq experts should destroy the remained certificates of confidential Iraq workings out in the destroyed nuclear centre the Ale - Tuvajta, transfers Associated Press referring to representatives of administration of the USA.
Washington was afraid that the stocks of the concentrated uranium which were in territory of Iraq, can come into the hands of extremists or smugglers who would forward them to the next Iran. Now the taken out uranium will arrive in the order of Canadian company Cameco Corp. Also it will be processed at its enterprises for the subsequent use on the atomic power station.
the sum which the company has paid for uranium to the Iraq government, officially is not called, however, under messages from diplomatic sources, to Bagdad have been translated ten millions dollars .
Iraq has begun works on creation of a nuclear bomb in 1970 - h under S.Hussein`s direct instructions, the vice-president of the country of that time. In 1975. Bagdad has got a nuclear reactor which has been destroyed by bombing by the Israeli aircraft in 1981 at France. After that Iraq continued confidential works on uranium enrichment at least to 1991., when the first war in Persian gulf has taken place.
In 2003. The United States have entered armies into Iraq, being based on suspicions about presence at S.Hussein`s mode of the weapons of mass destruction, however the subsequent searches of that have appeared ineffectual.
besides, the Iraq dictator on interrogation has declared to the inspector of FBI that created presence illusion in Iraq the nuclear weapon to prevent a possible attack from Iran.
it is interesting to notice that from the moment of intrusion into Iraq of armed forces of the Antiiraq coalition on nuclear arms the majority of their interesting objects in the country became inaccessible to inspectors of the United Nations.