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Israel has opened boundary transitions with Gaza Strip

Israel again opens boundary transitions with Gaza Strip. To Palestin fuel, the foodstuffs will be delivered, and also trucks with cement are passed, transfers Associated Press. Besides, it will be allowed to Palestinians needing medical aid to leave temporarily to Israel.
the border with Gaza Strip has been closed once again after on July, 4th of this year the Israeli territory has undergone to new rocket bombardment from Palestin.
however on July, 5th of this year the Palestinian radical grouping Hamas has declared that did not fire at the Israeli territory. Then leaders of grouping have officially refused conducting the further negotiations with Israel about clearing of Israeli soldier Gilada Shalita grasped two years ago.
we Will remind that on June, 19th the armistice between Israel and " of this year has come into force; Hamas . Prospective term - 6 months. After its expiration of the party intend to renew negotiations on an establishment of the long-term world. The semi-annual armistice provides gradual removal of economic sanctions from Gaza Strip under condition of the termination of rocket bombardments of the Israeli territories.
Israel has entered blockade of Gaza Strip in the summer 2007., after insurgents Hamas took an enclave under control.