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Presidents of Russia and the USA declare progress in negotiations on SNV

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the leader of the USA Barack Obama declare in Moscow progress in negotiations on the new contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV).
With such statement the co-ordinator of a policy of the USA in sphere of weapons of mass destruction has acted on the eve of B.Obama`s visit to Russia at the White house of Gary of the Self-river
the Representative of the White house has not informed any details, but has specified that leaders of two states will fix certain progress in negotiations on SNV, transfers Associated Press.
B.Obama will arrive on July, 6th of this year on a visit to Moscow. During the visit head of the White house will carry on negotiations with Russian leader D. Medvedev and will meet from premieres - minister Vladimir Putin. Washington intends to use Russian - the American summit for reboots Mutual relations conversations about which are conducted since February of this year.
earlier the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Sergey Prihodko informed that D.Medvedev and B.Obama will sign in Moscow the joint communique about understanding on SNV - the frame document where reference points for the further work on the agreement text " will be fixed;.
Representatives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation expressed confidence that work on the new agreement will come to the end in time and the contract on SNV will be signed in December 2009.
the Contract on reduction and restriction of strategic offensive arms (SNV - 1) has been signed the USSR and the USA on July, 31st 1991. Also has come into force on December, 5th 1994. Term of its action comes to the end on December, 5th 2009. The contract has obliged each of the parties to reduce more than 40 % nuclear boezarjadov (to 6 thousand units) and about 30 % of their strategic carriers (to 1,6 thousand units). To 2001. Russia and the USA have carried out of these obligations.
we Will remind that US president Barack Obama begins today the visit to Russia. Arrival of delegation of the American president in Moscow is expected in the morning on July, 6th.
in the first day of visit it is planned B.Obama`s personal and working meetings with the president of Russia D.Medvedev.