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Honduras declares moving of armies of Nicaragua

Gondurassky the government de - fakto has declared moving of armies of army of Nicaragua to a direction of the general border. In this connection the temporary head of Honduras Roberto Micheletti has called the president of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega to respect the sovereignty of the next state, reports Reuters.
the Army of Nicaragua has refuted statements from Tegucigalpa. The official representative of the Nicaraguan armed forces has declared to agency that these messages do not represent the facts at all .
earlier duly elected president of Honduras Manuel Selajja expelled from the country as a result of a military coup d`etat, has taken off home in hope to return on a state post of the head.
the government de - fakto has warned that will not resolve plane landing from M.Selajja in territory of the country, otherwise it is waited by arrest on charge in constitution infringement.
At returning to Honduras the president of the country Manuelja Selajja, svergnutogo as a result of a military coup d`etat, the chairman of General assembly of United Nations Migel D`Eskoto will accompany. On it has informed on a press - conferences in Washington the president of Ecuador Raphael Korrea. R.Korrea together with leaders of Argentina and Paraguay, and also the secretary general of the Organization of the American states Jose - Migelem Insulsa will depart to El Salvador next to Honduras therefrom to track M.Selajja`s returning.