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At the airport of capital of Honduras there are collisions

From capital of Honduras of Tegucigalpa messages on the begun collisions of supporters of president Manuelja Selajja expelled from the country with army and police come.
armies disperse the demonstrators who have gathered at the airport of Tegucigalpa, tear gas, transfers Bi - bi - si.
M.Selajja has taken off from Washington home at 23:00 Moscow time. Flight in capital of Honduras should occupy about 4 hours. However gondurasskoe the government de - fakto established after a military coup d`etat, has declared that will not resolve plane landing from M.Selajja in territory of the country.
in case of returning of the expelled president to Honduras, it is threatened with arrest on charge in constitution infringement.
thousand supporters of M.Selajja have gathered at the capital airport to meet the president.
we will remind that gondurasskoe the government de - fakto Has declared moving of armies of army of Nicaragua to a direction of the general border. In this connection the temporary head of Honduras Roberto Micheletti has called the president of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega to respect the sovereignty of the next state.
the army of Nicaragua has refuted statements from Tegucigalpa. The official representative of the Nicaraguan armed forces has declared to agency that these messages do not represent the facts at all .