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Smartly Borisov intends to become the prime minister - the minister of Bulgaria

the Leader of the Bulgarian opposition party the ARMS ( Citizens for the European development of Bulgaria ) The mayor of Sofia of Bojko Boriss intends become the following of premieres - the minister of the country.
party the ARMS, according to preliminary data, win on parliamentary elections Bulgaria. B.Borisov has declared in teleinterview that will incur responsibility and will head following government transfers Associated Press.
According to results of two exit - polls (polls on an exit from polling districts), the ARMS type 39 - 41 % of voices, and ruling Bulgarian socialist party - 17 - 18 %. However despite considerable rupture between contenders, to winners, probably, it is necessary to agree about formation of the coalition government.
the third place on elections is occupied with party Movement for the rights and freedom the coalition partner of socialists in the present government. Polls yield to it result in 14 - 15 % of voices.
the party the ARMS was the favourite of pre-election race. Sociological polls show that Bulgarians are dissatisfied with Sergey Stanisheva`s operating government which, according to citizens, could not constrain the promise and overcome corruption and the organised crime.
the informal leader the ARMS B.Borisov, the former bodyguard, and nowadays the mayor of the Bulgarian capital, has involved voters with frankness of the statements and readiness vigorously to undertake the decision inveterate socially - political problems of the poorest in the country European Union.