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S.Mironov: ABM Placing in Europe needs to be co-ordinated with Russia

Development of relations between Russia and the USA directly it is connected with destiny of the ABM. So the chairman of the council of Federation, the party leader " considers; Fair Russia Sergey Mironov. He has declared that one of the reasons of decline - the American relations the arrogance and self-confidence of former Washington administration became Russian.
hawks from 1980 - h have introduced in these relations inappropriate Messianizm and spirit of confrontation. The world does not consist at all of three the big bosses and three tens bad and good guys, which it on a belt. On the contrary, all depend on all - S.Mironov has told.
to Washington without direct participation of Moscow not to solve the main problems: a stop of the armed opposition in Afghanistan and Iraq, a key to the conflict in the Near East, a situation round the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs. With. Mironov considers what to build up partner relations with Russia it is impossible if not to take into consideration a position of our country on the ABM.
strategy of development of systems of antimissile defence in Europe should be co-ordinated all parties, and it is obligatory within the limits of the new contract on restriction of strategic offensive arms (SNV), S.Mironov speaks.
cargo of unresolved problems and the collected mutual claims is very great. The blockages inherited from an era of Bush it is impossible to rake for two days. Russian - the American relations cannot develop off and on . It is thought, they should be institutsionalizirovany - at level and presidents, both diplomacy, and the international organisations - the head of the Federation Council has concluded.