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The Russian Federation can be the guarantor in relations of Georgia and Juzh. Ossetias

Russia can act only as the guarantor in settlement Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict, the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared during visiting of a museum of the Great Patriotic War on a grief Poklonnoj. On it informs a press - service of the government of the Russian Federation.
answering a question of the Georgian journalist, concerning August events 2008., the prime minister has told: We this war did not begin also responsibility for its consequences those who has begun this war bear. They should take courage, should find ways to hearts of people which they have wounded. It is necessary to agree and how to agree, on what principles is a business of two contracting parties . Russia, as well as other participants of the international community, can act here only as the guarantor - he has added.
according to Century Putin, in Georgia there are many forces which would like also normalisation Georgian - the Russian relations, and to build the joint future with the Osset people. it is necessary to move on this way, but it is not necessary to seek decisions elsewhere - the head of the Russian government has underlined.
the day before US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has declared in Tbilisi that the USA will do all that the territory of Georgia was deokkupirovana.
we Will remind, at night on August, 8th 2008. Georgia attacked South Ossetia and has destroyed a part of Tshinvala. Russia, protecting the Ossetin, many of which were naturalized as the Russian Federation, has entered into a conflict zone the armies and for some days of fights has forced out the Georgian military men. After that the recognition Russia independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and severance of diplomatic relations with Georgia has followed.
According to the investigation, as a result of the Georgian aggression in territory of Tshinvala and other settlements of South Ossetia 655 apartment houses, partially - 2 thousand 139 residential buildings and premises in which lived mainly Osset population of republic have been completely destroyed and burnt. More than 33 thousand inhabitants of South Ossetia have been compelled to leave places of constant residing as a result of the Georgian aggression. 67 Russian military men also were lost.