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The president of Ecuador threatens the new president of Colombia with arrest

the President of Ecuador Raphael Korrea has threatened the new president of Colombia Juan Manuelju Santosu with immediate arrest, in a case if it will arrive on territory of Ecuador.
R.Korrea in interview Reuters has reminded that the warrant on H. M.Santosa`s arrest has been given out still when the future president headed the Ministry of Defence of Colombia.
in March 2008. The Colombian army has performed the operation directed on destruction of insurgents from Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARK). Bombing attack to time camp FARK in territory of Ecuador which has been regarded in Ecuador as the roughest infringement of the sovereignty and norms of international law became one of operation elements.
H. M.Santos has won the second round of presidential election in the end of June. It will enter on a post of the president of Colombia on August, 7th. It is known as the fighter with the left insurgents. In the victorious speech H. M. Santos has declared that time FARK has come to an end.
the new president is going and to strengthen further relations from the USA. At the same time he has promised to voters to normalise relations with neighbours from Venezuela and Ecuador.