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The Pakistan mass-media: the leader of movement " is arrested; the Taliban the mullah the Lobster

the Pakistan newspapers inform on arrest of the leader of movement the Taliban mullahs of the Lobster.
as writes The Pakistan Observer, the message on arrest of one of the different countries of the person most searched by special services has appeared in a diary known American blogera Brad who served earlier in Department of national safety of the USA and is closely connected with the Pentagon.
under messages of mass-media, the mullah the Lobster has been arrested in March 2010. In a city of Karachi.
we will note, if the information represent the facts, this operation becomes the most successful for special services of the USA lately. Official acknowledgement of the given information from US authorities or Pakistan did not arrive yet.
mullah Mohammad Omar - the founder and the head the Taliban . Its official photos at mass-media are not present. The mullah avoids publicity. It is known only about its two meetings with representatives of not Muslim world when the representative of the United Nations and the ambassador of China in Pakistan persuaded the mullah of the Lobster to give out bin Laden. The leader of Talibs has refused.
the US State department promises for the help in capture of the mullah of the Lobster compensation for the sum to 10 million dollars the Mullah the Lobster is accused that its mode in Afghanistan covered Osama bin Laden and other terrorists Al - Kajedy during the period, predshestvovashy to acts of terrorism on September, 11th 2001. Despite overthrow of the talib government in Kabul in 2001., the mullah the Lobster continues to pose threat to America and its allies consider in State department.
the American investigation believes that the mullah the Lobster takes cover where - that in territory of Pakistan. In November of last year the American newspapers informed that the mullah the Lobster has got over in Karachi, and it was helped by employees of Pakistan reconnaissance service ISI.