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Southern Sudan can already become a member of the United Nations

Southern Sudan on July, 14th can become 193 - m a member of the United Nations, transfers Associated Press.
as the head of UN Security Council Peter Vittig has declared, at session SB on July, 13th it will recommend to recognise Southern Sudan 193 - m as a member of the United Nations. Already next day, on July, 14th, the General Assembly of the United Nations, possibly, will meet to approve membership of the new state.
he also has noticed that SB will carry out intensive consultations concerning new mission in Southern Sudan which will include a peace-making contingent and the international police which will help the new state to construct the democratic power.
according to P.Vittiga, negotiations have already led to the preliminary agreement on the future mission which will watch abroad, however details are still necessary for working.
in January 2011. In a rebellious Sudanese province - Southern Sudan - has passed a referendum concerning independence. The majority of inhabitants of region have voted for independence of Sudan.
official declaration of occurrence of the new state on the world map on July, 9th is expected. On this background struggle in Darfur has renewed with new force. United Nations mission is present there with 2007.