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The political scientist: M.Kaddafi does not have chances to lose elections

President of Institute of studying of Israel and Near East Evgenie Satanovsky has commented on the information on readiness of Libyan leader Muamara Kaddafi to retire in exchange for safety guarantees.
the expert has noticed that M.Kaddafi did not do personal statements, therefore data on its leaving can be as the thought over course of supporters, and opponents: It can be a course, with which M.Kaddafi`s command has arranged to probe: and suddenly it will be possible to stop this war, easy to retire, and further let there will be elections, let there will be a constitution, let there will be everything. It can be a course, which was started by M.Kaddafi`s enemies to probe a situation .
the West was not employed to be at war at all for Bengasi and it seems that they to be at war not in a condition, how many them train, how many the weapon to them give - E.Satanovsky argues. Also it does not exclude that the information on M.Kaddafi`s resignation - journalistic exaggeration.
if in Libya a democratic election, that, by estimations of the president of Institute of studying of Israel and the Near East, " will be held; M.Kaddafi does not have chances to lose .
the Expert considers that opposition actions in Libya have failed for a long time: Unlike Zin ben Ali, unlike H.Mubaraka which actually have decided fairly - to retire nobly, for what one was in absentia given by 15 years, and the wife 35, and the second is judged now, leading up to a condition, to put it mildly, preceding infarction, M.Kaddafi is not ready to surrender. He does not understand, from - for what on it old European modes with which he has agreed have taken up arms, all all has paid, including N.Sarkozi, oil delivers, with illegal emigration struggles. Why Europe together with America to M.Kaddafi has any claims? Payment for the terrorist past and support of terrorists has given out, all agreements carried out .
E.Satanovsky has underlined that the African union does not recognise a verdict of the International criminal court. It means what to repeat a situation with Slobadan Milosevic in Africa it is impossible. Have sentenced for a crime against humanity of the Sudanese president - a genocide, and it should leave. It spits on it. It was re-elected and has gone to China to enter into powerful enough agreements. Why M.Kaddafi cannot go by the way of the Lobster al - Bashira, as for this purpose at it much more the bases. Blood - that it has spilt no more, than the king of Bahrain whom a finger nobody touches - the expert argues.