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Britain will facilitate a visa regime from the Russian Federation only after A.Lugovogo`s delivery

Great Britain does not intend to discuss a question on simplification of a visa regime with Russia until the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Andrey Lugovoj will not be recognised by guilty of Alexander Litvinenko`s murder. The minister of Britain of affairs of Europe has informed On it at a today`s briefing in Moscow David Lidingson.
As he said, proofs of participation of A.Lugovogo to A.Litvinenko`s murder it is enough. At this D.Lidingson has underlined what to judge A.Lugovogo should in territory of Great Britain where the crime has been committed. It also has reminded that discussion of a question on simplification of a visa regime with Russia has been stopped in reply to refusal of the Russian authorities ekstradirovat A.Lugovogo.
last in reply to D.Lidingsona`s statement has informed that it already more half a year actively co-operates with representatives of the British justice. I give evidences in English court, English lawyers there arrive, at me the agreement is entered into with English legal firm - the deputy has told. Thus he has specified that it gave indications not on A.Litvinenko`s business, and on circumstances of reception of a political refuge of B.Berezovsky.
this business too has a direct bearing on A.Litvinenko`s business. Because on the instructions of B.Berezovsky A.Litvinenko prepared provocation in a hall of court with the poisoned handle that there was a possibility to B.Berezovsky to receive a political refuge. And it was, as a matter of fact, with the applicant of this history and threatened B.Berezovsky that if it will offend him, it will give to publicity. Therefore motives to kill A.Litvinenko were only at B.Berezovsky - the deputy of the State Duma has declared.
A.Lugovoj also named a position of Britain shopkeeper`s and has recommended to the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs to think of the professionalism and the competence.
we Will remind, the former employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko has died in London in 2006. As a result of a poisoning with radioactive polonium - 210. The British Office of Public Prosecutor has accused of murder of the former employee of special services Andrey Lugovogo.