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The Russian opposition has offered the USA candidates in the list Magnitsky

the Russian opposition has decided to help the USA with drawing up the list Magnitsky . It is offered to include representatives of the law enforcement bodies running business about disorders on the Marsh area on May, 6th In it, informs the Independent newspaper .
The day before Boris Nemtsov and Harry Kasparov have transferred to the American congressman Kevin McCart of videorecording from meeting on Marsh where wrong actions of police are shown. Also they have suggested to fill up a political part the list Magnitsky surnames of the head of Investigatory committee of Alexander Bastrykina, Olga Borovkovoj`s judge and inspectors on business Pussy Riot.
the Edition notices that in expansion the list Magnitsky fund International created in Great Britain defence into which has entered eks - Vladimir Putin Andrey Illarionov`s adviser intends to accept active participation.
the List Magnitsky provides visa sanctions and freezing of bank accounts in the United States concerning 60 Russian officials presumably involved in death in the Moscow pre-trial detention centre of lawyer Sergey Magnitsky in 2009. The Russian authorities consider that its occurrence contradicts common sense . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned about possible retaliatory measures, and the speaker of the Federation Council of Valentine Matvienko has declared that the Russian Federation does not become to swallow such unfriendly gestures .