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In a cradle the Libyan revolution try break parliamentary elections

Long-awaited elections in new parliament of Libya can to be broken in the east of the country. In Bengasi and Adzhabii where mutiny against a mode of Muammara Kaddafi has begun, supporters of a wide autonomy of east areas of the country do everything that voting there and has not taken place.
both in Bengasi, and in Adzhabii buildings of election committees in which bulletins were stored have been burnt, Associated Press reports. The authorities have already declared that if documents will not manage to be restored to days off voting in these cities should be cancelled.
meanwhile opponents of elections on it do not stop. On Thursday evening they have grasped an oil refining complex and have compelled workers to stop work. Work and important seaport Al - Sidrav 35 kilometres from Ras Lanufa is blocked.
Supporters of transformation of Libya in the federal state are dissatisfied with that the government has distributed places in parliament according to quantity of the population in different areas of the country. As a result the revolutionary east has received 40 places - less than southern provinces and the West which to the last was kept by M.Kaddafi`s supporters.