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The opposition can beat off at ER on elections

the Opposition can deprive one more city an United Russia hegemonies in one large Russian city. The main intrigue of elections of the mayor of Kaliningrad which will take place in October 2012., there is a conflict of the operating town governor, the candidate - United Russia party member Alexander Jaroshuka and the governor of the Kaliningrad region Nikolay Tsukanov.
in a city which one of the first in the Russian Federation has started to show protest activity, all parliamentary parties and a number of the new political organisations, including " are ready to expose the candidates; the Civil platform Michael Prokhorov. About it the newspaper " writes on Friday, on July, 6th; Kommersant .
election campaign Start in Kaliningrad is planned for July, 19th. In the end 2009. - the beginning 2010. The city was captured by a wave of protests which have led to resignation of previous governor of the region George Boos. On elections in the State Duma in December 2011. an United Russia has lost a city to communists (25,3 % against 30,8 % at the Communist Party of the Russian Federation). On elections of the mayor the party in power also can suffer defeat.
a victory in the first of six rounds prajmeriz ER by definition of the candidate in mayors of Kaliningrad present town governor A.Jaroshuk who has left persecutors far behind (88 of 145 voices) has gained. The Councillor of Federation Nikolay Vlasenko has received 25 voices, and the former mayor of Kaliningrad Yury Savenko - 26. Last has already removed the nominee with prajmeriz. Sources in an United Russia believe that the party will put forward A.Jaroshuka.
at this J.Savenko and N.Vlasenko can stand on a post of the mayor of Kaliningrad as self-promoted workers. Their advantage before A.Jaroshukom consists that at these politicians good relations with the governor of region N. Tsukanov.
If earlier United Russia party members had one nominee and a victory has been predetermined, now at them a difficult situation: the governor would not like, that the mayor there was Jaroshuk, they search for feverishly other nominee. And Jaroshuk if it it is not put forward, will go on elections as the self-promoted worker - the secretary obkoma has commented on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Igor Revin. As he said, the opposition has every prospect of a victory, especially if it unites efforts and will propose the uniform candidate. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Fair Russia have signed the agreement on support on elections of communist Yury Galanin, however other parties have refused to adjoin them.
the LDPR on elections will be represented by the head of regional branch of party Alexander Vetoshkin. In the conditions of approaching multi-party system tactics of promotion of incorporated candidates and blocking with other parties is erroneous. Here there is a danger to get lost in the company of other parties. On the contrary, now it is necessary to use any possibility to declare itself and the political position - the candidate considers.
the candidate of the party the Apple there is Alexander Jakovleva`s former actress who now supervises over regional branch of the political organisation. I go in mayors because still in 90 - h years was vitse - the mayor of Kaliningrad on culture and is familiar with executive power kitchen. Now at us many city problems, and on elections go those heads who already have admitted many rough miscalculations in the city policy - she has noted. As she said, to unite with parliamentary opposition senselessly, as there are no bases to speak about the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Fair Russia as about on - to the present opposition parties .
Besides, the participation in elections was confirmed with the head of branch Patriots of Russia Michael Chesalin. It is not excluded that the candidate will appear and at M.Prokhorov`s not registered party the Civil platform . In the near future we will be defined, whether we will propose the candidate or we will support the politician with the program close to us - its co-ordinator, the deputy of the Kaliningrad regional thought Solomon Ginzburg has declared.