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Active workers the Apple Active workers " protest at the State Duma against the law about NKO

; the Apple spend a series of single pickets at a building of the State Duma in protest at the bill of the noncommercial organisations, party leader Sergey Mitrokhin has informed in the microblog. unfortunately, to support picket any representative NKO " has not come; - he has noted.
making comments at the amendment State Duma in the law about NKO, I have proved to the press that foreign agents at us - Putin, Medvedev and EdRo and at all NKO - S.Mitrokhin in Twitter has written.
the Leader the Apple considers that it is necessary to consider as foreign agents (this concept appears in the law about NKO) not the noncommercial organisations, and the authorities of the Russian Federation: Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources which allows the offshore companies to poison citizens of the Russian Federation for the purpose of reception of the profits which are taken out abroad. Rosatom which builds the atomic power station in other countries at the expense of the budget of the Russian Federation. Officials thanks to whom reserve oppositions are stored in securities of the USA, and large business has left in an offshore .
Today, on July, 6th, the State Duma will consider the bill of investment with the status of foreign agents of some Russian noncommercial public organisations in the first reading. Foreign agents offer to recognise Russian NKO which are engaged in political activity and have foreign sources of financing.
the bill has been brought in the State Duma on June, 29th, its author is United Russia party member Alexander Sidjakin, the initiator scandalous antimitingovogo the law on toughening of punishments for infringements during mass actions.
the bill about NKO has caused negative reaction of legal experts, oppositionists and public figures. Against it Lyudmila Alekseeva, the director of welfare fund " have acted the head of the Moscow Helsinki group; Present life Ekaterina Chistjakova, oppositionist Boris Nemtsov and others.
According to the law about NKO, the organisations recognised as the foreign agent will be brought in the special register, for them will enter a particular treatment of the reporting and frequent checks. For criticism of the authorities heads such NKO are threatened with large penalties and prison terms.