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Rare bird: V.Putin has taught sterhov to be under construction in a jamb. The PHOTO

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has visited on September, 5th Salekhard where has tested itself in a role deltaplanerista. The head of the state had an important problem: to help sterham, brought in the Red book of Russia and being under the threat of disappearance, marks the Russian newspaper .
As the co-ordinator of the project " has told; hope Flight ornithologist Alexander Sorokin, for the local people sterh is a sacred bird, however it does not confuse poachers of Iran and India where fly on wintering of a bird.
to rescue population of birds, sterhov grow up in bondage, and then adapt for life. Ornithologists train baby birds in skills of flights for distant migration by means of motor-hang-gliders: baby birds perceive flying object as the leader of flight. The head of the state has decided to appear in a new form and villages for a control panel a hang-glider.
Century Putin should spend the first training flight for baby birds - sterhov, and the head of the state has successfully coped with a task in view to what the photos made in reserve testify. It was necessary to the president to soar up in air, and five cranes have directed for the head of the state, writes RG . However then only two birds accompanied a hang-glider: the others, probably, have lagged behind a lack of forces.
V.Putin had to come some times on smaller radius that sterhi could be built behind it on both wings of a motor-hang-glider, and soon they managed to stand in a row for the big brother . Having reached this unity with birds, the president has planted the car on the earth, the newspaper marks.
a hang-glider bypassed, were attached to a wing both at the left, and on the right... The beautiful children healthy, big, powerful! - the president has shared the impressions. Century Putin has told that not for the first time operates a motor-hang-glider: earlier it already sat down the panel, and, according to the president, to operate technics it has appeared even more difficult, than a fighter. V.Putin has informed also that has got a motor-hang-glider on own money, and promised to transfer the device to scientists that they used the car in work.
watch of the president will be picked up by professional ornithologists who will move sterhov on the south from the Polar circle to Beloozersky zakaznika in the Tyumen region. There birds should join wild grey cranes and together go on wintering to India.