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Nest of noble family: nationalisation officials selective

Bills of an interdiction to officials will own the property abroad which discussion proceeds in the State Duma, in the first variant can already acquire a considerable quantity of amendments.
so, members of parliament have reflected on allowing to have the state employee real estate in territory of the former Soviet republics, writes today daily . Some members of parliament and at all suggest to expand the list of the countries, having included in the list the states entering into Council of economic mutual aid.
the bill which has caused a wide public resonance, can already consider in the State Duma in the first reading in the end of October. According to the edition, the parliament lower chamber can accept more rigid variant which provides an absolute prohibition on possession of officials of real estate abroad.
According to the vice-president of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznjaka, at the moment authors of two bills wait for the conclusion of the main legal department of Presidential Administration. if more rigid initiative is supported, I will withdraw the signature from the bill and I will suggest to make the same to the co-author Ilya Ponomarevu. I consider the rigid initiative of more perspective - the United Russia party member has declared.
we will remind, the first bill assumes that the Russian officials should report about property abroad, and also to inform on the foreign incomes. For granting of doubtful data it will be threatened with the penalty which on a maximum can make 5 million rbl. the Second bill and at all suggests to forbid to state employees to have real estate abroad and to have accounts in foreign banks. Infringement of positions of the law will entail a criminal liability.
In the meantime officials have already thought of a question how it will be possible to bypass the restrictions imposed by the law. So, zamsekretarja gensoveta an United Russia Alexey Chesnakov declares that the civil servant can be left patrimonial nests which are located in territory of the former Soviet republics and have got to officials by right of succession.
it is possible to give a certain sort easy conditions of possession of the property if it is inherited by citizens of the former USSR. If the official has a patrimonial nest outside of Russia, and he does not want it to sell why not to give possibility it to leave to legislative citizens - he believes.
with it members of Federal meeting are solidary also. So, the author rigid the bill Vyacheslav Lysakov has supported idea, having declared that similar amendments will be included, most likely, into the bill text.
We can quite make the post-Soviet territory a zone which the law will not concern - the deputy has noted. considering historical events, it is difficult to speak about the conflict of interests, for example speaking about Ukraine or Belarus. Such exceptions all are clear and do not demand additional proofs - the member of parliament has added.
V.Lysakov has suggested to add the list of the countries and others the friendly states which, for example, were included earlier into Council of economic mutual aid. To have the property in these countries it is not shameful, deputies believe.
we will remind, in the organisation existing with 1949 on 1991., besides the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, GDR, Mongolia, Albania, Cuba, Vietnam and Yugoslavia entered. As observers at the organisation Angola, Afghanistan, Yemen, Nicaragua, Laos, Mozambique and Ethiopia consisted.
Deputies have attended also to toughening of positions of the bill. Some members of parliament suggest to expand a circle of persons on which the interdiction will extend, and except wives and children to include there brothers, sisters, grandsons and parents of officials. At last, in the list of persons it will be forbidden to them to have real estate abroad, can get and diplomatic employees.
making comments on positions of the bill, S.Zheleznjak has declared: the Russian administrative elite should be guided first of all by interests of citizens, on interests of the country. In power there should not be a double loyalty. Property presence abroad should not influence decisions made by the power .
In interview to the Businessman the president of fund Indem George Satarov has expressed opinion that the given bill is an attempt of the new president to restore control over bureaucracy which has been completely lost, including from - for corruption. In turn the first vice-president of the Center of political strategies Alexey Makarkin believes that it is a new vector in the politician of the Kremlin, directed on bureaucracy deduction.
the power is afraid of external influence on the destiny, especially after the Arabian revolutions when representatives of elite refused support of the heads - the expert marks. Political elite want to close to Russia that it had no place to get to that all resources were under control, the political scientist believes.
in turn the president of Institute of national strategy Michael Remizov considers that is necessary to stimulate elite which has the power and money, to invest in the country writes the Russian newspaper . Blogery have christened the given offers attempt to nationalise elite . The Internet - users notice that in case of adoption of law with amendments the project will enough have scrappy And selective character.