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The State Duma will oblige officials to hand over tests for responsibility

the State Duma of the sixth convocation plans to oblige legislatively the officials who are on civil service long time, to pass physical examination at psychologists and psychiatrists.
as an occasion to working out of the given initiative resuscitation " has served; gerontokratii : entering into Federal meeting of the bill of increase of labour age for state employees till 70 years, write today News .
as Initiators of amendments about physical examination of state employees deputies from " have acted; an United Russia . Respective alterations can be introduced in the law About public service and About elections of governors . The approximate age when psychological examination will be appointed, varies from 60 till 65 years, confirms the edition.
The given thing will be absolutely useful, and it is necessary for us to register it in laws. It is necessary to register legislatively that people with deviations could not come to power, operate departments - United Russia party member Frants Klintsevich declares.
Plus if the given examination tells that at the official is mental deviations, is planned to register in the law points on which it can be removed on the basis of examination. At us some deviations or illnesses can be perceived as an eccentricity, but it should not be, including destinies of many people are entrusted these officials also, and we do not presume, that mentally sick person " disposed of them; - the deputy is assured.
thus the member of parliament has noticed that for carrying out of examinations psychiatrists and psychologists should answer, whose professionalism is recognised in the medical environment and that it is necessary to create for this purpose necessary conditions.
Nevertheless the offer of the United Russia party member is supported not by all its colleagues. So, deputy Michael Markelov believes that officials should pass such test voluntary, and is sceptical about idea to enter objazalovku .
Thus the expert community positively responds about the offer. at all of us military men or cosmonauts are obliged to pass psihologo - psychiatric examinations, and managers and officials we cannot force to do the same - the psychiatrist - the criminalist and the doctor of medical sciences Michael Vinogradov marks. The expert specifies that officials supervise over the big collectives, country regions, however the society has no accurate concept about the one who operates citizens, what mentality at state employees.
the psychiatrist is assured that in a question of examinations it is not necessary to lean against age distinctions between the officials, after all the sick head can be and in 40 years, and in 70. We can remember Churchill who in already extremely advanced age thought as the young man, it and is high level of the person - the expert marks.
while it is not known, when the given initiatives can be submitted for consideration in the State Duma.