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V.Putin will spend more than one and a half tens business meetings at summit ATES

the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has arrived to Vladivostok for participation in the summit Asian - Pacific economic cooperation (ATES) which passes for the first time in territory of Russia. During stay at a forum it will spend more than one and a half tens bilateral meetings with the foreign colleagues.
forum sessions will pass 8 - on September, 9th. Almost all delegates of the summit hold the most higher state posts. An exception of a steel of the USA - the American participants have arrived on a forum led by state secretary Hillari Clinton as president Barack Obama in connection with present election campaign cannot be present at sessions ATES.
Now V.Putin has examined the new terminal of seaside airport Knevichi and was present at opening of the new fuelling complex which start has been dated for start of the international forum.
Today, according to the forum program, at session there will be heads of foreign policy departments and ministers of trade. On the agenda - development of innovative technologies, transport systems and creation of uniform educational space of region. Business summit ATES is for tomorrow planned.