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B.Clinton will help B.Obama to get support of white Americans

the Former US president Bill Clinton at Democratic party congress officially has offered Barack Obama`s nominee on a state post of the head. eks - the head of the White house has released a joke apropos spouses of the present president Michel Obama.
head Shtatov should become the person who has made a correct choice in life - Michel Obama " has taken as wife; - B.Clinton believes. On it informs Bi - bi - si.
B.Clinton was focused on economic successes of administration of B.Obama, having declared that Obama has laid the foundation for more modern, better the balanced economy also has urged to vote for the present president. In opinion eks - heads of the White house, B.Obama has not allowed the American economy to roll down again in crisis.
at the same time it has subjected to criticism of opponents of democrats - Republican Party of the USA. their arguments are simple: We have left to it (B.Obama. - Primech.) a full disorder, and it for four years could not consult completely with it so let`s it dismiss and we will start up us back - B.Clinton has ironically noted.
experts regard B.Clinton performance as a sign on updating of relations between two politicians, and also attempt to raise B.Obama`s popularity at the white Americans belonging to working class. Results of polls show that this part of electorate traditionally voting for democrats rather with watchfulness concerns B.Obama, however B.Clinton always it was possible to achieve support of these voters.
we will remind, the representative of republicans of Mitt Romni becomes B.Obama`s contender on future elections. 57 - e in the history presidential elections of the USA will take place on November, 6th 2012. Inauguration of the selected head of the state should pass on January, 20th 2013.