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Russia has promised again to protect Syria from foreign intervention

Russia will not support in the UN Security Council any decisions which could justify external intervention in affairs of Syria. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has informed on it in interview to the Central television of China.
we will strongly object against any attempts in the UN Security Council to approve any decisions which will be used then for the justification of external intervention - he has told.
S.Lavrov has reminded that in June 2012. At the international conference in Geneva constant councillors of Safety of the United Nations, and also the European union and the leading countries of the Near East have agreed upon the resolution of conflict in Syria. It provides pressing participants of the conflict so that they have immediately stopped violence and have begun negotiations.
we have agreed, which is fixed in the Geneva document. Are convinced that diligent performance of this arrangement will bring result. But it is necessary, that also other external players have taken in this question of the same position - S.Lavrov has noted.
thus he considers impracticable offers which assume that the country government will begin movement to an armistice with a unilateral withdrawal of troops from country cities.
the approach unrealistic because the government, as a matter of fact, is called for unilateral capitulation. Those who call for it, or naive people, or want to provoke military intervention - the head of the Russian foreign policy department has concluded.