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Milosevic wants there will be in the Yugoslavian policy

Slobadan Milosevic to be engaged in now affairs of the party, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov after a meeting with Slobadan Milosevic (the Socialist party of Yugoslavia headed by S.Milosevic, has received on parliamentary elections on September, 24th this year the majority of places in country parliament) has declared today to journalists in Belgrad. This information of head of the Russian diplomacy will badly enough be co-ordinated by that the brother of Slobadan Milosevic Borislav, the ambassador of Yugoslavia in Moscow has declared almost the same minutes. As he said, Slobadan Milosevic continues to consider itself as the president of Yugoslavia. Having referred to recent conversation with S.Milosevic, the ambassador has underlined that that is not going to leave Yugoslavia. B.Milosevic has declared that S.Milosevic is assured of open support by its half of population of Yugoslavia. So in which quality Milosevic wants to remain in the Yugoslavian policy on - former not clearly, - whether as the president, whether as the leader of Socialist party. Apparently, even in present critical for itself situations Slobadan Milosevic attentively weighs each word, trying to speak exclusively phrases supposing double interpretation. And it operates. Despite all dithyrambs to Koshtunitsy, any Russian official does not risk while to name its president of Yugoslavia. In the message which the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has directed the message to Voislavu Koshtunitse has expressed hope that to V.Koshtunitse, as to the leader of democratic forces (not to the president!) It will be possible to make all for overcoming of internal political crisis. The president of Russia is convinced that the Serbian opposition will make all necessary that events developed in a legal field and necessary conditions for strengthening of legitimate bases of legislative and executive power have been created. As have informed in a press - service of the president, V.Putin has noticed that Russia will support invariably and firmly unconditional preservation of independence, the sovereignty and territorial integrity SRJU. In it and in other questions, concerning maintenance of stability, the world and safety in Yugoslavia and on the Balkans as a whole, the Yugoslavian people can and count henceforth on our support - the president of Russia has underlined. And Milosevic on - former in the repertoire. It has made the statement in which it is said only that " after a meeting with Ivanov; present excitements do not weaken the Yugoslavian state but, truth, Play into the hands of enemies of Yugoslavia.