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Over Temple mountain in Jerusalem the Palestinian flag

is lifted There was so the Israeli safety force in advance preparing to " was afraid of what; to day of anger Palestinians which is marked today and it is specially dated for one of the most important Judaic holidays by Jom - Kipur. Despite in advance taken measures, a considerable quantity of Palestinians nevertheless has broken to a mosque of Al - Aksa. Them could be even more if the part from them has not been stopped on approaches to Jerusalem. After they have hoisted the colours and have started to throw stones, on Temple mountain the Israeli soldiers have rushed. They have applied against demonstrators rubber bullets, tear gas and others spetssredstva. In the meantime, those who did not manage to break to Jerusalem have taken active part in disorders on the western coast of Jordan and Gaza Strip. In total in disorders now takes part about 7 thousand Palestinians. 10 persons are killed in skirmishes with the Israeli police and soldiers. 1900 persons are wounded. From the Israeli party has suffered not less than 10 military men.