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The constitutional court of Yugoslavia has thought again and named Koshtunitsu the president

the World can sigh with simplification as on - visible all - taki has reached judges of the Constitutional court of Yugoslavia that in the same autumn days 1993 did not reach in any way the Constitutional court of Russia. Namely that it is impossible to accept legal decisions by which execution there can be a civil war. Both in Russia, and in Yugoslavia it has led to a fire in a parliament building, to shooting at its walls. The Yugoslavian court has managed to change in time the made decision and has sent the formal notice of Democratic party of Serbia that candidate Voislav Koshtunitsa has undoubtedly won the first round of presidential election which has taken place on September, 24th of this year . Slobadan Milosevic has now a legal basis to leave - the chairman of committee of the State Duma on the international affairs Dmitry Rogozin has declared. However in the State Duma of the Russian Federation so think not all. The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared that considers the fact of a congratulation of Koshtunitse from head Russian Igor Ivanov`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs our shame . Zhirinovsky considers that arrival of Koshtunitsy to the power conducts to loss by Russia of the Balkans a minimum for 50 years as Koshtunitsa is the protege of the West, and its policy will lead to a country partition. However, that the leader of LDPR speaks about Koshtunitse will not absolutely be co-ordinated with behaviour and words of Koshtunitsy, at least, if head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation precisely transfers these words. According to I.Ivanov Voislav Koshtunitsa in conversation with it has sharply negatively responded about activity of the Hague International tribunal across the former Yugoslavia . It is a firm position of Voislava Koshtunitsy, and he intends to adhere to it and henceforth and is not going to co-operate with the Hague tribunal . That is, to give out Slobadan Milosevic to tribunal Koshtunitsa do not intend. If Koshtunitsa seriously takes of such position serious confrontation with the USA it in the future not to avoid. The State department has already declared that will unshakably achieve Milosevic`s delivery and considers inadmissible its participation in internal political life of Yugoslavia. Vice-president Gor recognised that the USA already have disagreements with the new president of Yugoslavia Today it became known that reconnaissance services of the USA carry out tracking air space of Yugoslavia not to admit flight of Slobadan Milosevic from the country. Almost all European countries have warned Milosevic and its confidants about that they did not try to search for a refuge in their territory. Russia yet does not make comments on a question on the readiness to accept the former president SRJU. According to Igor Ivanov in such form this question was not put (in what the such? It turns out that in any not such nevertheless it was put?) .
In the meantime, Voislav Koshtunitsa continues to establish control over the government in the country. Tonight it has accepted the chief of the Joint Staff of armed forces of Yugoslavia N.Pavkovicha. Meeting details while are unknown. However many political scientists consider it as a recognition military men of the new president of Yugoslavia. The diplomatic recognition of a new management of Yugoslavia gains in strength also. The intention to visit Belgrad on Saturday was declared by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway. The president of France Jacque Chirac has invited Koshtunitsu to the informal summit of the European Union in Biarratse, Greece has declared onamerenii immediately to raise the question about removal of sanctions of EU from Yugoslavia.