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To Uzbekistan there arrive mountain arrows of the USA

In Uzbekistan arrival of 1000 military men 10 - ogo expect the Mountain battalion of the USA. In their order one of the airports on border of Uzbekistan with Afghanistan will be given.
meanwhile as the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has declared, this division specialising on operations in back of the opponent, will not be placed in the Uzbek territory. we are not ready to it - Karimov has told.
These statements contrast with expression of unconditional support which the Uzbek authorities rendered till now to the western campaign for struggle against organizers of attacks to New York and Washington.
the president of the country Islam Karimov as informs CNN, in interview has underlined that Uzbekistan will give to the USA and their allies one airdrome for maintenance of antiterrorist operation. Thus he has noticed that this airdrome will be used by exclusively transport planes of a coalition.
the President has rejected vigorously possibility of use of territory of republic for drawing of air blows across Afghanistan. At the same time, he has noticed that reconnaissance services of Uzbekistan give the USA the information available for them on Osama bin Laden`s site.