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Russia has crushed Switzerland with the account 4:0

Russian national team has perfectly well finished a selection group stage of the World championship. In last match in Moscow at stadium the Dynamo our football players have inflicted devastating defeat over visitors from Switzerland with the account 4:0.
Russia has approached to a meeting, having solid safety factor. We could type even one point that without dependence from result of game between Slovenia and Faeroes to win first place in group. About defeat in native walls and it was terrible to reflect: Slovenes for certain would win visitors Ljubljana with the large account (as a result they and have won 3 - 0) and then the trip of our national team on the World championship would be put under the big doubt.
however the Russian football players conducted this day by Vladimir Beschastnyh, have not forced second is sad to remember selection draw of the European championship of 2000 when the goal of Shevchenko has brought to nothing a brilliant series from six victories successively. The match became the present benefit performance our attacking, zaterzavshego defence of visitors.
Russians with a whistle informing on the beginning of a duel, have rushed straight away. Already in the beginning of a meeting Marat Izmaylov has given out an excellent pass on Beschastnyh, but the Swiss defender has had time to interrupt transfer. With ledujushchem the moment visitors could come forward. Seza has dangerously punched the penal collar appointed almost on the centre, but Ruslan Nigmatullin in an acrobatic jump has translated a ball on the angular.
perhaps, penal performed by Seza became the most serious threat of Swisses in this match. Russians have answered with storm what meetings if the account does not suit a command happen last minutes. The attack ending has come to the end with Izmaylov`s blow in a crossbeam.
the capture of gate of the Swiss goalkeeper of the Calm which has replaced in this match of basic goalkeeper Paskolo has soon taken place also the first. Komizetti in enough harmless situation has filled up in Rolana Gusev`s penal area, and the judge has without hesitation specified on a point . Blow of Beschastnyh has appeared from the category not undertaking.
to Stop on reached our football players did not become. Has passed five minutes, and Beschastnyh in struggle has closed hinged transfer from Izmaylov`s left flank. The ball was stuck under a crossbeam, the Calm to rescue a command was simply not in a condition.
practical at once Ouzels deduced our only thing attacking in private with the goalkeeper of visitors, but that has outstripped the Russian, having beaten out a ball a foot. The railwayman have soon replaced, and in the field there was torpedovets Daev.
Swisses have snapped ten minutes prior to a break. Muller has punched from - for limits penal, a ball srikoshetil and, nevertheless, it has appeared Nigmatullin`s who has fixed it in hands simple extraction.
Swisses have not hammered and almost have there and then received a goal in the gate. Egor Titov has submitted from the left flank which has already attracted to our football players, and Beschastnyh in the third time has amazed the Swiss defenders with ability to choose a position, to struggle and, the main thing, precisely to play a head. After artful blow the ball was knocked before the Calm and has whisked in gate. On a share of the goalkeeper has got to kiss a bar.
Russians have spent the second time more frostily though gate of visitors did not cease to threaten. Some moments had Beschastnyh. Once it dangerously left on the left flank, but left on replacement in a break of Tsvissig has had time to block blow of the forward.
Swisses were not in debt and could reduce some times rupture in the account, but each time to ways of the ball flying in gate, there was a goalkeeper Moscow the Locomotive Nigmatullin.
the co-author of the fourth goal which has finished a two-year epopee of Russian national team under the name a selection cycle of the World championship there was all same Beschastnyh. Attacking left in private with the goalkeeper, but Matstsarelli has ruthlessly fallen down the player on a lawn, for what has received a yellow card. To carry out penal Titov undertook. After blow closed by our and football players the goalkeeper of visitors has seen a ball at the last minute. Its throw was late, and our command has moved in the account 4:0. Words from a group song " were remembered; the Aria : the Calm, and a wind is silent .
the Victory has allowed the Russian national team to win first place in group and without vanity of additional matches to wait for the World championship of 2002 which will pass in Japan and South Korea. In this time will fix success in games for Spartak Beschastnyh, Izmaylov will get hand in the international matches of League of champions, our legionaries will type the good physical form. And Oleg Ivanovich Romantsev under the ceased oppression of numerous critics can is quiet prepares for the most important football competition on a planet - to the World championship.
on October, 6th. Moscow. Stadium the Dynamo . 30 thousand spectators
Russian national team - a national team of Switzerland 4:0 (the first time - 3:0)

Goals: Beschastnyh, 13, from a penalty, 18, 37, Titov, 83
Preventions: Matstsarelli, 83
Nigmatullin, Chugajnov, Kovtun, Onopko, Ouzels (Daev, 25), Smertin (Crests, 87), Gusev (Semak, 75), Titov, Izmaylov, Alenichev, Beschastnyh
Switzerland: the Calm, Tsellveger, Kenten, M.Jakin (Tsvissig, 46), Muller, Matstsarelli, Seza, Komizetti (Lonfat, 81), H.Jakin, Sfortsa, Dee Jorio (Lombardo, 46)
the Judge: Fisker (Norway)