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On territory of Ingushetia gangs of Gelaeva

Frontier with the Chechen Republic areas of Ingushetia can break are blocked by divisions of federal forces. On roads additional posts are exposed. As have informed in a staff of Incorporated grouping of armies and forces in Severo - the Caucasian region, these measures are accepted not to admit on purpose break on territory of Ingushetia of small groups of the Chechen insurgents from group of the field commander Ruslana Gelaeva, taking cover in a large forest at village Bamut in the Chechen Republic.
command of Incorporated group of armies and forces OGV () in Severo - the Caucasian region has the information on concentration in adjacent Georgian territory of two gelaevskih of bands number on 100 insurgents everyone. One of them is noticed on the Dagestan site of state border, another - around passes Kerigo - Jukerigo (a zone of responsibility of Itum - Kalinsky frontier group).
actions for suppression of transitions by bands of state border from Georgia to the Chechen Republic proceed. During these actions come to light and liquidated base camp and caches with the weapon which can be used the gangsters who have come to the Chechen Republic. In this connection, federal forces come into contact to one of the former members of a band of Shamilja Basayev. It voluntary specifies a site of especially large arsenal of insurgents near to settlement Alleroj Nozhaj - Jurtovsky area of the Chechen Republic. From a hiding place it is taken, in particular, over 30 thousand units of ammunition of various kinds and other military property.
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