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V.Matvienko is selected by the governor of St.-Petersburg

On elections of the governor of St.-Petersburg of unexpectedness has not occurred. According to the data received from 99,8 % of polling districts, 63,12 % of voters have voted for Valentina Matvienko, have informed in municipal electoral committee.
the opponent V.Matvienko during elections - Anna Markova has typed 24,2 % of voices. Thus, the governor of St.-Petersburg selects Valentina Matvienko.
against all 11,77 % voting have expressed. 28,24 % of voters have taken part in elections of the governor. Official results of elections will be confirmed on October, 6th in 17. 00 Moscow time.
we Will remind that on elections of the head of St.-Petersburg on September, 21st 2003. Anybody from candidates has not overcome 50 - a percentage barrier. In the first round 9 candidates applied for a post of the governor of St.-Petersburg. V.Matvienko and A.Markova was received by 48,73 % and 15,84 % of votes.
According to the legislation, repeated voting admits taken place irrespective of number of the voters who have taken part in voting. The candidate, got will win the big support voted provided that the poll of the voters typed by it, will be more polls, submitted against both candidates.
Valentina Matvienko has already declared to journalists that intend to achieve transfer to a city of a part of capital functions. As she said, a finding question one of power branches in St.-Petersburg is quite real problem and will not demand long time . V.Matvienko has reminded that supported transfer to St.-Petersburg to a part of imperious powers from Moscow still being the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Severo - the Western federal district.
the basic intrigue after V.Matvienko`s election - who becomes the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - the Western federal district. Century Matvienko has declared that that on a new post to it not indifferently who instead of it becomes the plenipotentiary of the head of the state in region and it is going to discuss a nominee of the successor with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.