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K.Rajs has headed the Iraq stabilisation group of the White house

the White house has created special group for control over a course of reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. The management of group is assigned to the adviser of the US president for national safety Condoleeza Rice.
according to the officials, the given initiative should raise efficiency of restoration of these countries, having allowed Presidential Administration to resist to bureaucratic delays.
key fields of activity of new group which has received the name the Iraq stabilisation group there is a fight against terrorism, economy, a policy and mass-media. Though the leading role in Iraq on - former will be played by the Ministry of Defence of the USA and Acting administration of Iraq, the White house will have an opportunity to supervise processes passing there, transfers AP.
we Will remind that recently in the USA the new company, rendering consulting services in business development in Iraq has been created. As it is specified on official a web - a company site, its purpose - to promote economic growth and creation of the free and fair market according to a policy of administration of the USA .
company Founders - the people close to the American president George Bush and administration of the White house. As the president of the new company John Houlend has declared, the company does not apply for reception of contracts from the American government on restoration projects in Iraq and intends to act only in a role of the intermediary, and also to be engaged in granting of consulting services.
as to means which are required to be spent for country restoration by estimations of experts of the United Nations and the World bank, the next four years of the country - participants of the donor program of the international help to Iraq will spend nearby 55 mlrd dollars.
In particular, experts consider that on restoration of such spheres as public health services, formation, vodo - and power supply is necessary to spend 35,5 mlrd dollars 19,4 More mlrd dollars it is required for safety.