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Hamas : Actions of the USA in the United Nations - a moral crime

Radical Palestinian movement Hamas has condemned a position of delegation of the USA during voting in UNSF under the resolution condemning actions of Israel in Gaza Strip.
the resolution has not been accepted from - for the veto which was imposed by the American side. In the statement Hamas it is about it said that the position of the USA is a moral crime . the Veto imposed by the USA on the draught resolution, became green light for continuation of the Israeli aggression - it is marked in the document of the Palestinian extremists.
the draught resolution on a situation in the Near East has been offered by the Arabian group. In particular, in this document the violence and terrorism were condemned, and also the requirement to Israel contained to stop military operation in Gaza Strip, to observe the international humanitarian right.
To Palestinians and Israelis the appeal has been turned to carry out of the obligations on to the Road map and with that end in view closely to co-operate with a quartet of the international intermediaries as a part of Russia, the USA, EU and the United Nations.
as the official representative has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Jakovenko, Russia together with the majority of members SB - the resolution was supported by 11 states - has voted for this decision. However the resolution has not been accepted from - that the USA have applied the veto. Great Britain, Germany and Romania have refrained.