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Lithuania has closed business against the pilot of the Russian Sou - 27

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Lithuania has stopped pre-judicial investigation concerning the pilot of the Russian Sou which has broken in the Lithuanian territory - 27 Valerys Troyanovs and has cancelled to it a preventive punishment in the form of house arrest. The Lithuanian lawyer of the Russian pilot Vitautas Jantsjavichjus has informed on it.
As he said, business about infringement of rules of the international flights is stopped.
we will remind, on September, 15th 2005. One of Russian planes of the Sou following to Kaliningrad - 27 has broken into territories of Lithuania. According to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, during flight from the pilot of the plane of the Sou - 27 the message on orientation loss (according to preliminary data, there was a refusal of the navigating equipment) has arrived. After fuel has been spent, the pilot catapulted and has landed in territory of Lithuania in 55 km to the north of Kaunas. Victims and destructions on the earth as a result of a crash of airplane are not present.
the Lithuanian interdepartmental commission on investigation of circumstances of accident has come to a conclusion that the broken fighter was technically serviceable, but its preparation for flight has been spent in haste and with infringement of the established sequence of works that could be reflected in accuracy of work of the navigating equipment. Also it has been established that V.Troyanov during flight has committed errors at use of the navigating equipment, not completely having used its possibilities for detection of the location of the plane. In commission reports it is said that it can be connected that, despite sufficient qualification, recently it flied a little.
Besides, the day before the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov in conversation with journalists named gamble and air fluctuation the statement of representatives of Lithuania for ostensibly hit to them of identification system the - the stranger the broken plane.
According to the minister, the Russian experts unequivocally declare that software of system of the identification the - the stranger has the threefold form of protection . S.Ivanov has underlined that the given system it is automatically destroyed at ejection of the pilot and plane blow about the earth . to Say that this system could get into strange hands - gamble and air fluctuation - the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation has assured.