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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has accused Russia of xenophobia

the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Georgia has extended today the comment in which the alarm by the become frequent displays of xenophobia in Russia, in particular in the relation the Georgian is expressed.
this sort of actions set as the purpose pressure upon the authorities of Georgia and are continuation of a policy which Russia spends as concerning ethnic minority living in its territory, in particular Caucasians, and concerning coming to Russia from other countries of representatives of other nationalities - it is marked in the comment.
in the comment the answer to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrovu who accuses Georgia of intention to solve conflicts to Abkhazia and Tshinvalsky region power methods contains. consider obligatory to underline that Georgia always was and remains is true to a course on peaceful settlement of conflicts. Indisputable acknowledgement of it is prepared Georgia and the peace plan of settlement of conflicts approved by the international community and the initiatives sounded by the president of Georgia on 61 - j sessions of General Assembly of the United Nations - it is told in the document.
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlines that, speaking about force application in the decision of conflicts, the Russian side should not forget about hundreds thousand civilians who have lost in the Chechen Republic .
Besides, it is underlined in the document, the Russian side, seemingly, has not found out till now that conflicts in Tshinvalsky region and in Abkhazia carry not ethnic, but territorial character that is confirmed by the corresponding statement of the European Union from February, 21st 2006.
As to S.Lavrova`s connected with events in the Top Abkhazia the charges (Kodorsky gorge), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds: Anticriminal operation is successfully spent to gorge, the end to revelry of criminal gangs in region is put and that the main thing, safety of the population " is as a result provided;. Moreover, after the spent actions there was possible a renewal there the international monitoring, and now there are intensive consultations on technical details .
the Georgian foreign policy department also has commented great attention of Russia to a theme of a so-called referendum in Tshinvalsky region that it is not surprising, as in Dnestr region such action has been inspired by Russia and spent with its help . Carrying out of a similar referendum in Tshinvalsky region Tbilisi considers illegal and illegitimate underlines the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the world community Has already estimated it as time waste as it will not bring any result to its organizers .
the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia is excited also with destiny of the Georgian autonomies. Apparently, the democracy established in Adzharii and the stability created there attractive investment environment and current dynamical building processes became the reason of that it seemed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia that the autonomy in this region is liquidated - it is told in the comment. In this context the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia asks Lavrova, where have disappeared from a Russia map of Komi - Permjatsky, Dolgano - Nenets and Evenki autonomies and that waits those small nationalities which lived in these territorial units .
we Will remind that this and other comments the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia became the answer to two press - conferences of the head of the Russian foreign policy department on October, 3rd 2006. In Strasbourg and on October, 4th of this year in Moscow. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has expressed disagreement with S.Lavrova`s statement that Georgia carries out Antirussian to the policy.
the president of Georgia declared time and again that is the supporter of really good-neighbourhood, equal in rights and partner relations with Russia. The intense background created between two countries is caused by the approach of Russia to settlement of conflicts in territory of Georgia, that from the Kremlin actually occurs creeping annexation of the Georgian territories in Abkhazia and Tshinvalsky region, is blocked any peace initiative prepared by us - it is told in the comment of the Georgian foreign policy department.
surprise of official Tbilisi has caused also a full insinuation about the illegal monetary streams following from Russia to Georgia. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs underline that From Russia to Georgia the part of the money earned by legal migrants by their own work while Russia makes illegal financial operations in disputed regions where with rough infringement of the law branches of the Russian banks function is listed, washing up " is carried out; black money, physical and legal bodies of Russia real estate privatisation is made razbojnaja. Besides, these regions have turned to dangerous sources of manufacture of counterfeit money .
Having concerned the statement of the head of the Russian foreign policy department for militarization of Georgia, the country Ministry of Foreign Affairs declares: We want to remind mister Lavrovu that the Russian military men after disintegration of Soviet Union have taken out arms belonging to Georgia and the technician, have destroyed the military infrastructure estimated by experts in the sum from 6 to 10 mlrd of dollars . In Tbilisi explain that The military budget of Georgia which, by the way, is the smallest in region " is spent for restoration of an infrastructure and arms completion;. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia underlines that the quantity of the Georgian armed forces and arms is in full conformity with the quotas confirmed by the international agreements.
in a context of conversations on militarization of Georgia the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended S.Lavrovu to pay attention to military maneuvers which infinitely spend tshinvalsky and the Abkhazian separative modes in the face of so-called peacemakers and with a use of weapons, illegally transferred by it the Russian side, and with the assistance of the Russian instructors .