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J.Chajka: Actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs concerning citizens of Georgia are lawful

the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Chajka does not consider excessive action of law enforcement bodies concerning citizens of Georgia in territory of the Russian Federation. He has stated such opinion today to journalists in the Federation Council.
J.Chajka has underlined that the Russian law enforcement bodies operate within the limits of the legislation of Russia. Answering a question, whether probably any toughening of the legislation, he has noticed that toughening can be only from the point of view of supervision of legality.
we will remind, the numerous checks, concerning to activity of citizens of Georgia in the Russian territory, have begun this week. In particular, the Federal migratory service of Russia (FMS) has made decision not to give to citizens of Georgia of a quota on residing or realisation of labour activity in territory of the Russian Federation. The decision FMS has explained that It is more than half of migrants from Georgia illegally are in territory of our country. Besides, on the statistican, they make administrative infringements and crimes more often other citizens of the CIS .
For the past three days activity several OPG citizens of Georgia were which members has been stopped at once. As assure in law enforcement bodies, participants of criminal groupings made murders on purpose zavladenija apartments, forging of documents and other offences.
it is necessary to notice that last days Russia seriously was engaged also in check of conformity of the large business belonging to natives of Georgia, to norms of the law. Employees DEB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation have carried out operative actions at once in several capital casinos. The facts of illegal business and tax laws infringement have been thus elicited. As a result for last three days law enforcement bodies of Moscow have closed three casinos - the Crystal Golden Pelas and Golden Pelas Week-end . All three casinos belonged to one owner. It is remarkable also that, according to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, all closed gambling institutions were supervised by criminal authorities from Georgia.
Besides, the day before employees UBEP of Moscow have spent investigatory actions to a casino Bakara . Under messages a press - services UBEP of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, are elicited the facts of infringement of the sanitary code at casino restaurant, and also the facts of realisation of cigarettes and alcohol without excise marks. Investigatory actions proceed.
we will remind that to natives of Georgia law enforcement bodies of Russia have started to give steadfast attention after burst on September, 27th espionage scandal when on charge in espionage in Georgia have been detained four Russian officers - colonel GRU Alexander Savva, lieutenant colonel Dmitry Kazantsev, lieutenant colonel Dmitry Zagorodny and major Alexander Baranov. In spite of the fact that in some days they have been transferred the Russian side, Moscow has gone on unprecedented measures in relation to Tbilisi. In particular, the transport message with Georgia has been stopped, the interdiction for postal orders is entered, and also delivery of the Russian visas is suspended.