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The parliament of Hungary has taken out a vote of confidence to F.Djurchanja`s government

parliament of Hungary has taken out a vote of confidence to the government of socialists led by Ferentsem Djurchanem. The decision was accepted 207 voices against 165 at necessary 193 voices, transfers (C) Associated Press.
we will remind, F.Djurchan has been compelled to raise the question about trust to the cabinet after a failure of the party on municipal elections, and also against scale protest actions,
As a result of municipal elections opponents of party F.Djurchanja, party FIDES - the Hungarian civil union has won elections of the mayor in 15 of 23 largest cities of the country, and also has received the majority of places in district councils in 18 of 19 districts.
F.Djurchanja`s recognition that members of its government lay to the people about state of the economy on purpose became the reason of mass riots in Hungary to win on parliamentary elections.
the Audio record with a recognition of the prime minister has been published on September, 17th 2006. The peace antigovernmental performances which have begun after that, have outgrown in night pogroms in which result have suffered not less than 150 policemen and ten demonstrators. Now conditions in the country as a whole were normalised, against the strengthened security measures of demonstration became quieter and small, and for the period of elections have been stopped at all.
Expressing solidarity with the people, the president of the Hungarian Republic Laslo Shojom also has condemned lie of the party in power. He in particular has declared that Ferents Djurchan has used inadmissible means to win parliamentary elections in April of current year. Making speech on the state television, the head of the state has underlined that such methods of political strike undermine trust to the Hungarian democracy.