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V.Putin has paid attention of the head of OSCE to a course of Tbilisi

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has thanked the operating chairman of OSCE, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belgium of the Karelian de Guhta for the undertaken efforts on settlement of the situation connected with capture of the Russian military men in Tbilisi.
as informs a press - service of the president of Russia, in message K de Guhtu V.Putin also has noticed that is informed on readiness K de by Guhta to render as the operating chairman of OSCE intermediary services in relations between Russia and Georgia and that it appreciates it.
at the same time as the president of Russia considers, during the present moment of effort of OSCE should be concentrated to stimulation of cardinal updating of a course of a present management of Georgia directed on forcing of intensity and preparation of the power scenario decisions Georgian - Abkhazian and Georgian - Osset conflicts. In Moscow recognise that irresponsibility of the Georgian authorities cannot remain out of sight of the world community any more. V.Putin expresses hope of adherence to principles of positions of OSCE.
the president of Russia is convinced that such line from OSCE management would promote also to strengthening of authority of the organisation and increase of its real demand in questions of the international safety.
we will remind, what exactly representatives of OSCE have got out the Russian military men from the Georgian prisons. However K de Guht already expressed that Russia unreasonably inflates the conflict. In particular K de Guht has urged the Russian Federation to restore the transport message with Georgia. isolation is not a way out, - he has noted. - it is necessary to restore air communication and all mutual relations. All should be solved behind a negotiating table .
the Chairman of OSCE also has expressed hope that Russia will take off trading embargo concerning Georgia. embargo - not the best way for the decision of relations between Georgia and Russia - has noted K de Guht.
K de Guht also has urged to spend summit between representatives of Russia and Georgia. As he said, the Georgian party has already accepted the invitation to such meeting.