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The UNSF has threatened Democratic People`s Republic of Korea with retaliatory measures on nuclear tests

the UN Security Council has urged Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to refrain from carrying out of nuclear tests. In the statement announced today in the beginning of session by the chairman of Security Council Kendzo Osimoj, it is expressed deep concern a current situation. It is noticed that similar tests from the North Korea will endanger peace also stability in region.
in a case of carrying out of nuclear tests and refusal of the North Korea to listen to a world community voice, the UNSF reserves the right to itself to apply measures concerning Pyongyang according to the United Nations Charter, transfers () Associated Press.
we will notice, today expert groups of Security Council have approved the resolution on to a nuclear problem Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. Now the draught resolution which has been put forward by Japan, should be considered and approved councillors of Safety of the United Nations. The resolution demands from the North Korea to refuse tests of the nuclear weapon and to return to the negotiating table. The Security Council urges Pyongyang to refuse the planned tests, as they undermine the world, stability and safety in region and in the world also can lead to the further actions from Security Council of the United Nations concerning Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.
at the same time expert groups have refused to enter the reference to the seventh chapter of the Charter of the United Nations according to which concerning Pyongyang sanctions can be entered into the text of the resolution, including there is begun military operation. Representatives of the USA insisted on introduction of the given reference. According to experts from China, to Russia and Japan, now too early to speak about the seventh chapter
on October, 3rd 2006. The North Korea has informed that intends to conduct the nuclear tests directed on strengthening of defensibility of the country. As has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, these tests - the answer to the amplified animosities of the USA in relation to the North Korean state. Democratic People`s Republic of Korea intends to conduct in the future nuclear tests in conditions which guarantee their safety - it has been told in the statement of foreign policy department. Date of tests was not specified. Earlier Pyongyang declared presence at it the nuclear weapon, however until now did not spend its tests.
these plans have seriously disturbed world community. On the eve of the USA directly have warned the North Korea about inadmissibility of carrying out by it of nuclear tests. As the assistant to the US state secretary Christopher Hill has informed, the American administration has transferred Democratic People`s Republic of Korea on diplomatic channels in the United Nations the message in which it is expressed serious concern in connection with intentions of Pyongyang to conduct nuclear tests. By words To. Hilla, heading the American delegation at six-sided negotiations on a nuclear problem of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, the answer from the North Korea has not followed yet.
earlier South Korea has declared possibility of the termination of all programs of interaction, and also the economic help of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. The representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of South Korea has informed on it. Thus the representative of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed an extreme regret concerning plans of Pyongyang to conduct nuclear tests. He has called for cancellation of the planned tests and returning to six-sided negotiations between South Korea, the USA, Russia, China, Japan and the North Korea concerning the nuclear program of last.
if the North Korea conducts nuclear tests, it will bear full responsibility for their consequences - the representative of foreign policy department of South Korea has underlined. Earlier Seoul has declared that will not suffer presence of the nuclear weapon at Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.