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M.Saakashvili: Georgia will not make back

the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has declared to a step that its country any more will not sign any capitulatory contract with Russia. in due time the authorities of Georgia have made the big sin - have signed shameful contracts, and all these contracts our opponent has broken - he has told in the city of Zugdidi in the west of Georgia where the radio station presentation " has taken place; the Voice of Abkhazia .
My predecessor (E.Shevardnadze) has signed the Moscow contract, and we have lost Gagra. Has signed the Sochi contract, and Sukhumi has fallen. Has signed the new Moscow contract, and we have lost Ochamchire and Gali - has explained M.Saakashvili. more than any capitulatory contract it will not be signed, there will be no step back - he has assured.
as he said, has passed that time, when Georgians in a lap asked justice and a handout, were humiliated, begged . At that time we have lost everything that it was possible to lose, have lost everything that was possible to lose. Today the destiny of Georgia dares not in Moscow, not in Dushanbe, and not in other capital. The destiny of Georgia dares Georgians in Georgia - has declared M.Saakashvili.
he has called again Abkhazia and South Ossetia for peace talks from Tbilisi. The president has underlined: Georgians - the patient people, but it suffers 14 years . Therefore to whole world data: our patience runs low, today is a day readout of our returning to Abkhazia .
M.Saakashvili also has informed that Georgia has begun prepares for returning to Abkhazia some years ago. As a result the first step is already made - we have returned to the Top Abkhazia . The second step he named radio station opening the Voice of Abkhazia unrecognized republic broadcasting on all territory. The following step will be on that earth where last year in centre Gagra have burnt all Georgian books - has declared M.Saakashvili. we want, that it has occurred peacefully, but our patience is not boundless - it summarised.