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Source: V.Putin will head Union State Russian Federation and Belarus

Vladimir Putin soon becomes the head of Union State of Russia and Belarus, the radio station " transfers; Echo Moscow . During visit of the Russian president to Minsk the constitutional certificate which proclaims association of two countries will be signed.
allied parliament, under the available information, the present president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will head. As have informed radio stations sources in an environment of the Belarus leader, the corresponding document is already prepared.
indirect acknowledgement of that the similar scenario is not excluded, the statement of the party leader " can serve; an United Russia Boris Gryzlov whom today in a course the press - conferences in Moscow has expressed opinion that the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin could occupy any post .
B.Gryzlov has not answered directly a question, what probability that Century Putin will rise at the Union State wheel, having told that formation of the supreme bodies of the incorporated countries - a question of the constitutional certificate which is not finished yet definitively. At the same time the speaker of the State Duma has specified that the leader of Union State will not be selected by national voting.
in favour of similar succession of events it is possible to treat and V.Putin`s words. We will remind that on November, 13th, at a meeting with workers - avtodorozhnikami in Krasnoyarsk, the president has hinted that a victory an United Russia on parliamentary elections will give to it the moral right to ask from all who will be and to work in the Duma, and in the government .
In what form it will be - I while I will refrain from the direct answer, but various variants exist. And if it occurs, that result on which I count at me such possibility will appear - he has declared then under objectives of television cameras.
However, in the Kremlin such variant of employment of V.Putin deny. it, more likely, from area of speculative imaginations... Similar messages of anything, except bewilderment, do not cause - the source in Presidential Administration has told to RIA Novosti news agency. Similar reaction is observed and in Minsk. in Belarus with surprise have apprehended this not clearly whence undertaken the information . And as it has appeared in the Russian mass-media for comments I recommend to address to the Russian side - head has noted a press - services A.Lukashenko Pavel Legky. we do not confirm this information - he has told
Most likely, clearness in it in a question will appear not earlier than V.Putin`s visit to Minsk which is planned on 13 - on December, 14th, 2007. If all goes according to plan, stated by a source Echo Moscow That Russia and Belarus should finish hastily process of formation of Union State which officially and has not been created, despite long negotiations on Russian - the Belarus integration.
thus it is necessary to notice that now between two countries there is variety of disagreements. First of all it is the gas conflict, caused in the summer of this year a wave of mutual criticism from a management of Russia and Belarus. Besides, till now the question on uniform currency is not solved. At the last minute the agreement on measures on development trading - the economic cooperation, providing cancellation of restrictions existing today and protective measures in mutual trade has been broken. On the other hand, if V.Putin and A.Lukashenko have really wanted to carry out the castling sounded by a source there are no doubts that all these disagreements would be pushed on a background.