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S.Lavrov: Russia hopes to protect Iran from new sanctions

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has declared today in Bruxelles that Russia hopes for negotiation across Iran without introduction concerning this country of new sanctions from - for nuclear programs on which peace character insists Teheran.
despite serious support from the countries - allies of the NATO after the report of investigation of the USA in which it is said that Iran has stopped manufacture of the nuclear weapon in 2003., but still remains dangerous, US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice could not convince S.Lavrova of necessity of new sanctions, transfers Associated Press.
after negotiations from K.Rajs S.Lavrov has declared that the report of investigation of the USA completely confirms the information available for Moscow that the nuclear program of Iran does not bear military threat. It also has expressed hope that negotiations with Iran will be continued. Head Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again declared that Russia does not have bases to consider that Iran when - or had the confidential program on manufacture of the nuclear weapon in infringement of the international contracts.
revision of a position of the American special services has not affected softening of rhetoric of the USA and their allies in relation to Iran. US president George Bush has urged the international community to continue to put pressure upon Teheran as the Iranian nuclear program on - former bears potential world threat. German chancellor Angela Merkel and the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy have acted for preservation of a policy of pressure upon Teheran also.
Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the European Union countries have acted for toughening of sanctions concerning Iran and the NATO. They have agreed about a position invariance on the Iranian nuclear question, having noticed thus that on - former are opened for diplomatic dialogue. Head has declared it the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium the Karelian de to Gjuht on a press - conferences after session of ministers of EU and the NATO.
national investigation of the USA on December, 3rd of this year has published the report according to which Iran has stopped works on creation of the nuclear weapon in 2003. Thus, experts of the American special services have reconsidered the position concerning working out of the nuclear weapon by Iran as in the similar report prepared two years ago, affirmed that Teheran is resolutely adjusted to continue works on creation of a nuclear arsenal. The president of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad named the report of the American investigation victory declaration the Iranian nuclear program.