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The Minister of Defence: the Russian military ship did not approach to coast of Georgia

the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation denies the information which has appeared in the Georgian mass-media on calling on Sunday of the Russian military ship in maritime belt of Georgia. The head of department has informed on it a press - services and information of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation colonel Alexander Drobyshevsky.
the Russian military ships did not come into maritime belt of Georgia, and flying machines did not break air space - has declared A.Drobyshevsky.
earlier Georgian TV channel Rustavi - 2 has extended the information that in Sunday the Russian military ship within two hours was in maritime belt of Georgia in three miles from coast and two military helicopters have broken air space of the country.
Tbilisi any more the first time accuses the Russian side of infringement of borders. So, on November, 11th of this year The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has informed that the Russian pilotless plane has fallen to territories of the country in region Shida Kartli at village Plavi.
thus bespilotnik not only has fallen, but also has blown up, when on a profit scene the Georgian sappers therefore 2 persons ostensibly were lost, 8 have got wounds.
in the Ministry of Defence of Russia the information on falling and explosion on the earth of the pilotless flying machine have denied.