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The Minister of Defence of the USA: We have missed bin Laden

the Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates has declared in interview to the American TV channel ABC that the authorities of the country within several years have no data about a site the terrorist 1 Osama bin Ladens.
the head of the Pentagon also could not confirm the information that U bin Laden has been noticed in the beginning 2009. In territory of Afghanistan.
in last report of the senate of the USA it is informed that since September 2001. The leader Al - Kajedy three months disappeared among insurgents of movement the Taliban in village a Torah of the Pine forest in the east of Afghanistan. Under statements of senators then the American military men were very close to destruction of the leader of terrorists, however it managed to leave.
the American military men on - former assume that U bin Laden is in a so-called zone of tribes on border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The earths in this region actually nepodkontrolny to the governments of both countries.
US state secretary Hillari Clinton, acting the day before, has declared, nevertheless, that capture or destruction U of bin Laden is for today on - former the major problem of the USA. H.Clinton also has underlined importance of capture of other leaders Al - Kajedy besides the terrorist 1 .
we Will remind, Osama bin Laden - the leader of the terrorist organisation Al - Kajeda is the most searched terrorist in the world. For destruction, capture or the information on its site of the USA promise compensation at a rate of 50 million dollars