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Spetsposlannik B.Obama the Special representative of the USA concerning Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Stephen Bosvort goes to the North Korea

there has arrived to capital of South Korea Seoul, whence then will go to Pyongyang where intend to meet representatives of a management of the North Korea.
it there will be first negotiations at high level between B.Obama`s government and representatives of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, transfers Bi - bi - si.
However while it is not known, whether there will be S.Bosvort the leader of the country Kim Jong II.
we will remind, the USA achieve returning of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea for a table of six-sided negotiations on the nuclear program of Pyongyang. Negotiations were at a deadlock earlier. The new coil of crisis has begun on April, 5th of this year when the North Korea has carried out start of the rocket with a communication satellite onboard. Japan, South Korea and the USA have condemned start, having counted as its provocation.
on April, 13th the United Nations Security Council has unanimously condemned rocket start then Pyongyang has declared an exit from six-sided negotiations and has turned out from the country of inspectors of IAEA. In May of this year Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has conducted the nuclear tests second in the history.
Besides, Pyongyang has continued nuclear reactor restoration in Jonbene, and in August it became known that the North Korea has received weapon plutonium by processing of 8 thousand fuel cores.