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JU - B.Evkurov changes the head of administration

On Saturday the president of Ingushetia Junus - Bek Evkurov has dismissed the head of the administration Vladimir Borshchova who has had time to work in this post hardly more half a year. Under the information the Businessman there was it from - for the conflict to the head of the government of republic of Alexey Vorobeva.
According to the official version, the official himself has asked for resignation, having referred to bad health. Vladimir Borshchov has written the application and has at own will left a post. It seriously ill and consequently on a state of health has left - the president of republic has declared.
under the statement of sources of the edition, one month ago the republic government has held the tender for mullions-strong purchases of agricultural machinery. V.Borshchov, having expressed doubt in honesty of carrying out of the tender, has suggested to reconsider results. The prime minister of the government And. Sparrows of the claim of the head of administration to the organisation of the tender has not accepted and to reconsider its results did not become.
Interfered with dispute JU - B.Evkurov has sided with the prime minister. mister Borshchov has tried to insist on the through Moscow, but there to it have advised to retire - has explained a source the Businessman .