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On presidential elections of Romania has won T.Besesku

a victory on presidential election Romania the present head of the country Trajan Besesku has gained. According to the Romanian election committee, calculation of 95,7 % of voices has shown that for T.Besesku`s nominee 50,43 % of voters, and for a nominee of former Minister for Foreign Affairs Mirchu Dzhoane - 49,57 % have voted, transfers Associated Press.
we will remind, earlier today both candidates for presidents of Romania declared the victory on elections of the head of the state. Published earlier given exit - polls have shown that Romanians have given a majority of votes for M.Dzhoane (51,6 %), whereas for T.Besesku - 48,4 %. However last has declared that this data deceptive.
T.Besesku is popular as the fighter with corruption and the president who has resulted the country in the European union. At the same time liberal economic reforms spent by it have displeased a part of the population and massive strikes. In parliament the opposition, which 2009 is strong on October, 13th. Has sent in resignation an office and has twice rejected candidates offered to T.Besesku for premieres.
in T.Besesku`s counterbalance which adheres in foreign policy of the Euroatlantic orientation, M.Dzhoane speaks about intention to develop cooperation with China, India and Russia, being, in its opinion, forces of the XXI-st century .
Present presidential election - the first Romania after the introduction into the European Union and the first, passing separately from parliamentary as term of presidential powers has been prolonged from four till five years.