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Communists have broken presidential elections in Moldova

Parliamentary fraction of Party of communists of Moldova (PKRM) boycotted repeated presidential elections of republic and has left with its full complement a hall where takes place special session on repeated presidential elections. Without 8 voices of Party of communists correcting the Alliance for the European integration cannot confirm the president of candidate Mariana the Magnifier.
acting at parliament session, the head of fraction PKRM Maria Postojko has told that since November, 10th when the first attempt of election of M.Lupu by the head of the state has taken place, has changed nothing.
M.Postojko has accused again a ruling alliance of refusal of priorities of active social policy, stay of strategic programs of support of the population that, according to deputies - communists, has resulted as a whole to political and socially - economic degradation. The fraction of Party of communists also has accused a ruling alliance of rough infringements of the constitution and other laws, falsifications of decisions of parliament, government usurpation, carrying out of resignations on political to the reasons, stay of teleradio programs in Russian, censorship introduction in mass-media. Also the ruling alliance has been accused of advancement of a policy with ignoring polietnichnosti Moldova, an establishment of an antidemocratic and Antieuropean mode.
M.Postojko has declared that the Party of communists of Moldova repeatedly suggested to consider possibility of creation of the left-centrist majority that in this format to take well thought over anti-recessionary measures in parliament, to achieve rallying of all constructive forces of the Moldavian society. According to M.Postojko, pressure upon fraction of communists instead has been strengthened.
As it has been noted, in these conditions, considering appeals of the voters, the Party of communists of Moldova will not participate in repeated presidential elections and to vote for a nominee from a ruling alliance. Deputies of fraction PKRM have laid all blame for failure of elections on M.Lupu and Dempartiju headed by it which, instead of opposing, have supported the Proromanian, Antimoldavian and antistate policy of an alliance also have not listened to offers to create the Promoldavian left-centrist coalition.
as it was informed earlier, the leader of Democratic party of Moldova, eks - the speaker of parliament Marian the Magnifier is the unique candidate on a post of the president of the republic, registered for participation in repeated elections of the head of the state which will pass today, on December, 7th 2009.
the country Parliament could not select on November, 10th of this year the new president from the first attempt. For the M. nominee Magnifier 53 deputies from put forward it on this post of the parliamentary majority - " have voted all; the Alliance for the European integration . However, as deputies of fraction of Party of communists of Moldova have refused to take part in elections, for M.Lupu`s election as the president there were no 8 voices which could be received only in fraction PKRM.
If and after repeated elections the new president of Moldova will not be selected, fulfilling the parliament should dismiss duties of president Mihaj Gimpu. By the law it is provided that within one year the parliament can be dismissed only once, and repeated dissolution of parliament can be made only after one year from the date of last dissolution which has taken place on June, 16th 2009. Thus, the next preschedule parliamentary elections can pass in Moldova in the autumn 2010., as on their preparation it is taken away even two months.
the Former president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin has resigned on September, 11th 2009. This very day the parliament declared a post of the president vacant and has appointed the chairman of parliament M.Gimpu temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of the state.