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The Romanian opposition has challenged results of presidential election

the Romanian opposition has protested results of elections. According to representatives of Sotsial - democratic party, the ruling authorities have swindled during calculation of bulletins, informs Associated Press.
oppositionists assert that Romanians voted for Mircha Dzhoane, however machinery of state of Trajana Besesku tries to make its president by means of swindle . As acknowledgement of the hypothesis they name results exit - polls according to which a victory has gained just sotsial - the democratic candidate.
however the official data says that after calculation of 99,95 % of voices the present president of Romania Trajan Besesku from 50,33 % whereas for its contender M.Dzhoane (the former Minister for Foreign Affairs of the country) 49,66 % have voted is in the lead.
it is necessary to notice that scandal has arisen and after the first round. Observers have noted extremely a considerable quantity otkrepitelnyh certificates, and also inhabitants of Bucharest who suddenly began to appear in the remote areas of the country with huge desire to exercise the right to a choice.
the operating head of the country T. Besesku it is known as the fighter with corruption and the person at whom Romania unexpectedly for many has entered the European union. However at it corruption did not become less, and the economic crisis has led to an impoverishment and without that rather poor population of this country.
in T.Besesku`s counterbalance which adheres in foreign policy of the Euroatlantic orientation, the former ambassador of Romania in the USA M.Dzhoane speaks about intention to develop cooperation with China, India and Russia, being, in its opinion, forces of the XXI-st century . Thus he, however, declares necessity of integration with the next Moldova.
Present presidential election - the first Romania after the introduction into the European Union and the first, passing separately from parliamentary as term of presidential powers has been prolonged from four till five years.