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Seoul South Korea erects strengthenings on border from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

will spend fortification of the islands which are near to border from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, Whether the corresponding order the president of Republic of Korea has given Maine the Tank. On it informs the Chinese news agency Sinhua . Whether
Maine the Tank has ordered to strengthen protection of frontier South Korean islands to be prepared for possible attacks from Pyongyang. With the corresponding instruction the president of South Korea has addressed to the cabinet.
the South Korean leader has underlined that is necessary to strengthen military power on five frontier islands from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.
we will notice that Seoul began to strengthen actively protection of islands more effectively to react to potential attacks of the Korean national army after US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has demanded from Pyongyang to stop to provoke the southern neighbour.
H. Clinton also has urged Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to improve relations with South Korea and to take into consideration the international obligations with a view of concrete steps on denuklearizatsii the Korean peninsula and restoration of peace in region.
we will remind, on November, 23rd 2010. The relations which have become aggravated recently of two Korej have outgrown in a confrontation. The parties accuse each other of the beginning of military operations.
in Seoul declare that this day about 08:30 Moscow time the army of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has spent shelling of one of South Korean frontier islands with the population about 1 thousand 300 persons. In reply to shelling South Korea has opened fire from self-propelled howitzers and has lifted in air fighters F - 16.
Meanwhile the authorities of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea declare that South Korea the first has begun artillery bombardment of territory of the North Korea, having let out on positions of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea some tens artillery shells. According to the version of Pyongyang, fire on North Korean territories has begun at 07:00 Moscow time, on what The Korean national army has immediately answered with resolute actions .
four persons, including two civilians became Victims of artillery bombardment of South Korean island Jonphendo, even more 10 have got wounds. Tens houses on island are destroyed.